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Religion’s Place in Modern World

Religion’s Place in Modern World Some people consider religion to be a kind of obsolete term, when applied to the modern world with all these scientific achievements, fantastic discoveries and rational explanations for all the things that were considered to be mysterious in the past. However, these people fail to take into account the fact that the idea of religion being the opposite of science only exists in the minds of the most primitive and narrow-minded variety of atheists. Major scientists and important people in the most significant faiths agree that they deal each with a sphere of reality that does not cover all the aspects of the Universe’s existence. There are no definitive scientific facts that prove the wrongness of the major point of any religion – the idea of the existence of God or gods. And that idea does not in any way contradict with any of the discoveries modern science has made or makes every single day. It is still wrong to assume that it is ridiculous to believe in some supernatural power, when everything is so neatly explained without taking it into consideration. It is not. Every question scientists manage to answer creates dozens of new ones, and the search for the new knowledge doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Every discovery we make only makes it clearer how ignorant we are in what concerns the world we live in, let alone explanation of how and why it appeared. Two hundred years ago people thought that science will solve all their problems really, really soon; now we see that the number of unsolved problems not only grew less, but increased. Religion isn’t undermined by science in any way – on the contrary, the fact that a number of the greatest scientists that have ever existed believed in God makes it obvious that these two notions don’t contradict each other in any way.

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Politics, Political, And Political Politics - 853 Words

In today’s society people often argue that there is a massive distrust in the government and the actions that occur within the political sphere. In the United States specifically, nearly two-thirds of the American population believe their government is in decline (Keane). This decline is seen through the widening gap of the rich and poor, extreme xenophobia of politicians, and young citizens left jobless due to unemployment figures on the rise (Keane). Thus, it is easy to see that people feel they no longer are being protected by the government. Furthermore, people may feel that politics is becoming more of an area for the powerful and less of what it was intended to be. Politics should be an arena for politicians to fight for and protect their jurisdictions interests, as opposed to job where leaders mindlessly show up for their 9 to 5. When individuals feel that this is the case, there is the potential less interest in politics, and political disillusionment. Distrust exists in the political sphere and is manifested in political disinterest and disillusionment. Political disinterest and disillusionment lead to a hindering of the desire to vote. Disillusionment is discussed in the article â€Å"Across the Globe a Growing Disillusionment with Democracy† by Roberto Foa and Yascha Mounk. The article states that â€Å"†¦a Gallup tracking poll shows that trust in the presidency and in the Supreme Court stands at historic lows — while faith in Congress has plummeted so far that it is now inShow MoreRelatedPolitics, Political, And Political Politics857 Words   |  4 Pagesoccur in relation to politics. In the United States, specifically, nearly two-thirds of the American population believe their government is in decline (Keane). This decline is seen through the widening gap of the rich and poor, extreme xenophobia of politicians, and young citizens left jobless due to unemployment figures on the rise (Keane). Thus, it is easy to see that people feel they no longer are being protected by the government. Furthermore, people may feel that politics are becoming more ofRead MorePolitical Discourse And Political Politics1359 Words   |  6 Pagesater’s election. A fundamental truth in American politics, as already stated, is that there will always be some level of partisan resistance within our essentially two party system. In 1964, partisan politics were starting to replace debates over issues as the main political discourse and A Time for Choosing takes full advantage of those sentiments. At the beginning of his speech, Reagan mentions his past as a liberal democrat. According to his own auto-biography, An American Life, Reagan alignedRead MorePolitical Parties And Political Politics1859 Words   |  8 PagesIt would only make sense that half of this class is on political parties and the other half would be about interest groups. They are both inherently different and fundamentally similar at the same time. Both work to sway the pendulum of public policy in the direction they believe in (Alexander, 2015). The main difference is that political parties attempt to gain political office, where interest groups are not in that business. Interes t groups are in a sense a key part of a pluralistic society. TheyRead MoreThe Political Sphere Of Politics Essay1563 Words   |  7 Pagesbe seen from multiple perspectives. Therefore, women in the political sphere of politics influence an increasingly controversial debate: are women qualified to take on the responsibility of large-scale leadership? This is a question that we, Canadians, ask ourselves as we are connected to multiple viewpoints through social media. It seems that society either loves or hates women as political figures. The way women in provincial politics are perceived is of incredible importance because they are inRead MoreThe Political Culture Of Politics1506 Words   |  7 PagesThe term ‘politics’ itself has changed over many years. To ask if the evolution of political culture changes how people participate in politics is simple. The answer is yes. To begin with, let’s define political culture; ‘Authors define the term political cult ure as the particular distribution of patterns of orientation towards political objects among the members of a nation’ (Almond and Verba 1963: 13 cited in Welzel and Inglehart, 2014 p.285). Now let’s define culture; ‘the term culture coversRead MoreThe Politics Of Political Parties807 Words   |  4 PagesPolitical parties seem to grab the attention of the people during important times in politics. In spirit, political parties are meant to represent the people. Moreover, parties can be easily attacked by accountability. In this case, accountability is very liable when the people know how and when to enforce consequences. The people can then determine whom they may trust and even more so whom they may take out of office. There are more advantages than, say disadvantages when looking at the importanceRead MoreThe Political Philosophy Of Politics Essay921 Words   |  4 Pages From a young age, politics has been an integral part of my life. When I was growing up, my grandmother was a state senator for 12 years and introduced me to the inner workings of political decisions and public policy-making. As a democratic legislator in a largely republican state, she taught me the importance of having an open mind and how it is essential to work with others who may not share the same views. However, I do not think I completely understood what it means to compromise or be pragmaticRead MorePolitical Issues In Politics805 Words   |  4 PagesI think that there are potential solutions available in the current political climate that I can help with. For example, in the case of the Russian debacle, there is a clear option that the administration can use to reframe the issue. In this circumstance, the Russian problem can be reframed as a problem with lobbying and corporate influence on election cycles. Let me explain. In recent news, the media discussed how Facebook ads and similar advertisements were purchased by Russian-connected individualsRead MoreThe Politics Of Political Parties3081 Words   |  13 Pages The History of Political Parties and the importance of party platforms 11/30/2016 Anthony Cozzitorto Ohio University Abstract This paper will examine the history of political parties in the United States, and also the importance of platforms in those political parties. Research was conducted on internet resources along with books written by political scientist. â€Æ' It has been a year filled with political talk because of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States. With the runningRead MoreThe Role Of Political Politics On Political Elections1048 Words   |  5 PagesAdam Szymanski Professor Rushboldt Elections in America 12/9/16 The Role of Money in Elections The role of money in political elections has become a topic of curiosity both to political observers and political scientists. There have been a number of studies done in order to find out if money truly does affect the outcome of an election. Some studies have found that there money does not impact the vote while on the other hand there are studies that have come to the conclusion that money does

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Women Reform Dbq - 1105 Words

DBQ During the time period from the end of the American Revolution to the Civil War, American womanhood changed greatly. Due to differing beliefs during the time the American women’s ideals became to change. At the time, main beliefs were the â€Å"republican motherhood†, or the thought that women had power in the country’s politics in the sense that they raised the next generation, and the â€Å"cult of domesticity†, or the thought that women should be submissive, moral, and take care of their husbands and family. These beliefs greatly limited the power of the women in the 18th century. Due to these ideas, such as the â€Å"republican motherhood† and â€Å"cult of domesticity† during the time period from the American Revolution to the Civil War, women†¦show more content†¦Also during this time, the Panic of 1837 occurred leaving many unemployed, therefore the number of women employed during the 19th century would have been even higher. Women at this time period worked mainly in textile and clothing factories. Although many young girls worked in factories, as shown in the letter written by a factory worker, life in a factory is much different than life at home. At first the girl questioned why factories were ever made, however, with time the working life grew on her. Also, often times women were worked much harder than the men. In the letters written by a frontier woman in Iowa in 1861, the male worker worked much less than she did. She stated that â€Å"the hired man left just as the corn planting commenced† and she was left to do the hard work. This illustrates the inequality between the two genders very well. On the other hand, the national issue of slavery greatly suppressed the lower classes and races of women. As illustrated in H.L. Stephens’ The Parting, slavery split up women and families. This splitting went against the republic motherhood beliefs that women should stay at home and raise the family, however it took away the few rights that women had. Also, slaves were property, which took away all rights of humanity that women had during this time. As stated in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,Show MoreRelatedAp Exam Essays1660 Words   |  7 PagesAnalyze the roles that women played in Progressive Era reforms from the 1880s through 1920. Focus your essay on TWO of the following. †¢ Politics †¢ Social conditions †¢ Labor and working conditions 5. 5. Explain the causes and consequences of TWO of the following population movements in the United States during the period 1945–1985. †¢ Suburbanization †¢ The growth of the Sun Belt †¢ Immigration to the United States 2009 [pic]AP Exam Essays 1. DBQ: From 1775 to 1830Read MoreApush Dbqs Essay2248 Words   |  9 Pages2011 DBQ: (Form A) 1. Analyze the international and domestic challenges the United States faced between 1968 and 1974, and evaluate how President Richard Nixon’s administration responded to them. (Form B) 1. Explain the ways that participation in political campaigns and elections in the United States changed between 1815 and 1840, and analyze forces and events that led to these changes. 2010 DBQ: (Form A) 1. In what ways did ideas and values held by Puritans influence the politicalRead Moreâ€Å"Reform movements in the United States sought to expand democratic ideals†829 Words   |  4 Pages DBQ The validity of the statement, â€Å"Reform movements in the United States sought to expand democratic ideals† can be assessed regarding many reformations in the time period of 1825-1850 including the American temperance movement, the women’s rights movement, and the abolitionist reform. All of which very much expanded core democratic ideology, such as equality, liberty for all, and the pursuit of happiness. All these reforms share the qualities necessary to attemptRead MoreChina Relations DBQ Essay814 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Michael Mcgarty November 14th, 2014 6th Period AP World History Chinese peasant and Communism DBQ: Between circa 1925 and circa 1950, the relations between the Chinese peasants and the Chinese Communist Party became out of hand due to the peasant rebellions/uprising groups present, the tension between Japan and the communist party, and most notable the mass reform during this time period. In 1927 the rising leader of the Chinese Communist party was acknowledging that soon the upsurge of peasantRead MoreJust Whatever1974 Words   |  8 PagesA P European History Test Prep DBQ Free Response Questions For DBQ’s Always: 1. Provide an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the question and does NOT simply restate the question. 2. Discuss a majority of the documents individually and specifically. 3. Demonstrate understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents. 4. Support the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the documents. 5. Analyze point of view or bias in atRead MoreDBQ Questions781 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿DBQ QUESTIONS Writing the DBQ Civil War Assess the following quote: â€Å"Ultimately, the Civil War reduced sectional antagonism and made the United States truly ‘one nation.’† ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Constitution Using information from the evidence below as well as your knowledge of the period, discuss the development of the United States Constitution as aRead MoreUnit 8 DBQ904 Words   |  4 PagesCameron  Richter   Period  0   Unit  8  DBQ   Prompt:  Evaluate  the  effectiveness  of  Progressive  Era  reformers  and  the  federal  government  in   bringing  about  reform  at  the  national  level.  In  your  answer  be  sure  to  analyze  the  successes  and   limitations  of  these  efforts  in  the  period  190 ­1920.      The  Progressive  movement  was  an  effort  to  cure  American  society  of  many  of  the  ill   ideals  that  had  developed  during  the  later  parts  of  the  19th  and  the  early  20th  centuries  because   of  the  growth  of  industry.  Although  great  cities  and  businesses  developedRead MoreBoyer Dbq Teacher Guide10764 Words   |  44 PagesUsing the DBQ Practice Questions from The Enduring Vision, Sixth Edition A Teachers’ Guide Ray Soderholm Minnetonka High School Minnetonka, Minnesota Using the DBQ Practice Questions from The Enduring Vision, 6th Edition A Teachers’ Guide This guide is intended to suggest some possible ways that students may organize essays related to the document-based questions in the Advanced Placement version of The Enduring Vision, 6th Edition, and to provide teachers with some information on each includedRead MoreThe Age Of Jackson Was A Time Of Tremendous Reform With American Society And Politics1128 Words   |  5 PagesDemocratic Ideals DBQ Between the years 1825 and 1850, the US underwent a series of social and political reforms which attempted to democratize American life. The Age of Jackson was a time of tremendous reform with American society and politics. Andrew Jackson’s position as president lasted from 1829-1837, therefore the fact that many writers and historians have attached his name to the time period between 1820 and 1850 indicates the high importance of his spirit of the reform. During this periodRead MoreThe New Deal: DBQ1337 Words   |  6 PagesDBQ In 1929, the United States Stock Market crashed, heralding the tumble into world-wide depression. President Hoover tried to pacify the people by telling them it was temporary and would pass over. But a new figure rose out of the people, promising he would do anything and everything he could to restore their lives. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to the presidency, and his new policies would soon sweep over the country. Roosevelts responses to the problems of the Great Depression

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Using Italian Reflexive Pronouns

In a reflexive sentence the action of the verb reverts to the subject, as in the following examples: I wash myself. They enjoy themselves. In reflexive sentences, Italian verbs, like English verbs, are conjugated with reflexive pronouns. Reflexive pronouns (i pronomi riflessivi) are identical in form to  direct object pronouns, except for the third person form  si  (the third person singular and plural form). SINGULAR PLURAL mi myself ci ourselves ti yourself vi yourselves si himself, herself, itself, yourself (formal) si themselves, yourselves (formal) Just like direct object pronouns, reflexive pronouns are placed before a conjugated verb or attached to the infinitive. If the infinitive is preceded by a form of  dovere,  potere, or  volere, the reflexive pronoun is either attached to the infinitive (which drops its final  Ã¢â‚¬â€œe) or placed before the conjugated verb. Note that the reflexive pronoun agrees with the subject even when attached to the infinitive. Mi  alzo.  (I’m getting up.)Voglio alzarmi.  Mi  voglio alzare.  (I want to get up.) Mi, ti, si,  and  vi  may drop the  i  before another vowel or an  h  and replace it with an apostrophe.  Ci  may drop the  i  only before an  i  or  e. Si  lava tutti i giorni.  (He washes  himself  every day.)Ci  divertiamo molto qui.  (We enjoy  ourselves  a lot here.)A casa,  m’annoio.  (At home, I get bored.)

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Essay On The Story Of Chapter 1 - 880 Words

â€Å" Oh hurry hurry she is on the beach now, and you still must do your hair. Hurry up, hurry up.† exclaimed Mrs. Beaver. The Queen had finally made it out of her room and Mrs. Beaver had borrowed the Queen brush and had groomed her fur so she looks nice, not like Ilsa’s lunch. As Ilsa walked through the doorway she said in a silky smooth voice â€Å" Your Highness. I have carried very grave news all the way here to you.† â€Å" Oh what!?† the queen exclaimed â€Å" The South Kingdom is planning an attack on you.† â€Å" GRIF! Get the troops ready for battle! I want giants, centaurs, animals, dwarfs, and the trees ready for battle for when the South battle troops come. They will have nightmares for the rest of their days after this battle they planned.† â€Å" Yes†¦show more content†¦Would you like to have a ocean view or a forest view?† â€Å" A room that is near the door and with a forest view so I can watch the forest for any sign of disturbance throughout the night.† replied Ilsa. So the Queen Kayley had plans made for Ilsa to stay at the castle. The Queen also had extra guards around the castle so at least they had time to fend off the intruders before reinforcements came to help. So the Queen finally feel asleep knowing she was safe because the great white tiger was there to help. It was clear to the Queen that when she woke up she needed to set more laws and make a peace treaty to sign with the South. So she got up and dressed in a pale pink dress that dragged out behind her, but under she was wearing the fuzzy pink unicorn slippers that Lauren a little village girl had given her for her birthday. She also had a fox pair a bunny pair a griffin pair. The fox and bunny pair were from Miss Fox but the griffin pair was from Grif. Of course nobody knew about the slippers that she sometimes wore under her dress except Miss. Fox, Sally, Grif, and her. So as she entered her private study she got her pen and paper and began to write a few laws, and a couple of them were no illegal trade such as trading almost extinct animals and stealing for there will be a punishment if any laws including old are broken. She wrote more but she decided it was time to stop because if she had too many laws the Queen knew she would beShow MoreRelatedEssay On The Story Of Chapter 11486 Words   |  6 PagesShe was intent on her path and hadn’t seen him. Hans pulled back into the side of the cliff wall where the tunnel to the Great Hall had been laid open. He timed his entrance back into the caverns with the shutting-off of his shield and prepared to assault the woman by hand. He’d not risk an exchange of null energy, but the risk of hand-to-hand was certainly just as fatal. He’d have one chance at landing a single blow to take her alive. If she made it past him and deeper into the complex, she wouldRead MoreEssay On The Story Chapter 11068 Words   |  5 PagesEntering Mace’s tent, Alayna found her lord brother and betrothed seated at the table they’d brought with them from Highgarden sharing a decanter of wine. Both men stood when they took note of her presence and Jon pulled out the empty chair beside him for her to take. However, Alayna pulled out her own seat across from the knight and poured herself a chalice of rich Arbor Gold as she sat. â€Å"Brother. Jon.† She greeted them, cooly, keeping her tone clear and even as she made eye contact with both menRead MoreEssay On The Story Chapter 1753 Words   |  4 PagesSince Kieran grew up in Tint City, he knows full well that nothing in life is ever easy nor free. So as he looks at Aden suspiciously, he carefully asks, â€Å"what is it?† Aden stands up then walks to him and towers over his 5’11† frame and smirks as he says, â€Å"sell yourself to me.† Kieran immediately backs away from him and looks at him with a disbelief and shocked expression. Aden continues to smirk at Kieran and casually says,â€Å"If you don’t want too. Then pay me back right now. or†¦. † he looks at AyannaRead MoreEssay On The Story Of Chapter 11063 Words   |  5 PagesHow could this have happened! shouted Fury. Tony, Natasha, Steve and Bruce were all sitting around a long table in a debrief room. Tony looked at his watch and... yep, they had lost more than half an hour only getting shouted at. How could two perfectly trained agents, a supersoldier, a rage monster, a super genius in a metal suit and a God not only fail in getting the brother of said God into custody, but also lose two of their members to him? All that in only the few days I was gone. TonyRead MoreEssay On The Story Chapter 12147 Words   |  9 Pagesgood reason. They know I was the cause. Or think they know. If you believe all they say, you’re a fool. â€Å"You want to know how I came to be what I am. Very well. Listen. See me now.† Enoch listened. And as she spoke, the first wizard to hear her story grew cold inside.Read MoreEssay On The Story Of Chapter 11242 Words   |  5 PagesDarrick treated the couple injuries he had that needed it and was packing the things back in the medkit. Mason refused to talk to any of us. Darrick thanked us for them both, then noticed that Jazen wasn’t around. â€Å"Where’s Jazen?† Darrick asked. â€Å"He’ll meet with us in a while. He wanted to make sure the Stormtroopers didn’t follow us, so he lead them off somewhere,† Hera answered. â€Å"By himself? Well, that’s normal†¦ at least he isn’t hurt this time.† â€Å"Actually†¦ He kind of is,† I responded. â€Å"He hadRead MoreEssay On The Story Chapter 11231 Words   |  5 PagesFollowing from the garage through a small mudroom to the kitchen, Ranger was able to get a better look at the home. The interior of Jessie’s house was furnished from top to bottom. Glancing around Ranger figured that this was once the show home for the community’s Realtor as there were just too many things in the perfect place. The kitchen was a bit different. It was appointed with all of the latest and best appliances, beautiful counter tops and dark wood cabinets. It would have been beautiful ifRead MoreEssay On The Story Of Chapter 11494 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"I don’t know how much longer I can hold out against these guys!† Alec exclaimed as he fired another arrow at an oncoming circle member. â€Å"Stay close to me and you’ll be fine† Magnus replied, finishing off the circle member who had an arrow sticking out of their chest. It had been a peaceful afternoon for Magnus and Alec, the two of them had been relaxing at Magnus’ loft when he received a fire message. Valentine had attacked a patrol downtown and major backup was needed, all available hands wereRead MoreEssay On The Story Chapter 1811 Words   |  4 PagesUryu was surprised that he was able to breathe given the tense air between him and his father as they descended the stairs. After agreeing to Ryuken’s terms Uryu was told to return the following afternoon to begin training. The older man did not elaborate on what the training would entail and Uryu hadn’t expected him to, Ryuken always did the bare minimum when it came to doing anything for his son. Throughout the whole school day Uryu’s mind couldn’t stop wandering and speculating over what wasRead MoreEssay On The Story Of Chapter 11033 Words   |  5 PagesHAWKE! Isabela shouted while dashing into her who fell after being knocked down. You fucking, bloody idiot. Securing her in arms; However, the blood descending from the left temple through her face makes she feels a cold at the back of the spine. What in makers name happened, Aveline hastily came nearby seeing the fainted mage on Isabelas arm. This fucking idiot. For some reason jumped to take a hit from that spear, Isabela takes her face looking at the unresponsive Hawke, the damage looks

Integrating Facebook In Teaching And Learning Education Essay Free Essays

string(29) " the age of 16 old ages old\." In this information age people are interacting with a assortment of new engineerings that people in different places try to utilize them to ease their occupations and come up with good consequences. Educators are besides be givening to utilize those engineering tools for more effectual instruction and acquisition by prosecuting and actuating scholars in the acquisition procedure. One of those technological tools is societal networking web sites. We will write a custom essay sample on Integrating Facebook In Teaching And Learning Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Among societal networking web sites facebook is the most popular one which has sucked a immense sum of young person to utilize it for communicating and practical societal interaction. As a effect, many instructors are trying to do a usage of facebook to better the larning out comes and do the acquisition more interesting to the scholars sing to the young person battle in the facebook use and the monolithic sum of clip which they spend in this practical environment. On the other manus, it is important for the pedagogues to cognize which type of larning manner can profit more from utilizing this sort of engineering or whether there is a large difference in willingness of different acquisition manners for disbursement clip in facebook or non. Facebook is the most used societal web by worldwide active users which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 as Harvard-only societal web site. This societal web web site was able to pull a immense sum of users specially youth in a short period of clip. Right now it has more than 500 million active users around the universe. Actually, Facebook is defined as â€Å" a societal public-service corporation that helps people portion information and communicate more expeditiously with their friends, household, and coworkers † ( ) . Although at first facebook was launched as Harvard societal web but developed to affect and prosecute other high school pupils, professionals inside corporate webs, and finally everyone who have entree to the on-line universe ( Cassidy, 2006 ) . Facebook allows users to make a personal profile while leting for information sharing, communicating, exposure albums, making a friends list, organizing or using to societal involvement groups, and different sorts of on-line games. In drumhead, Facebook members can portion their exposures, send messages, chat, tag themselves or others on exposures, write on friends ‘ walls, articulation groups, create new groups, portion thoughts in group treatments, add sorts of applications, and play games in Facebook. Facebook has been accessed by 1000000s of users in a short clip while going a portion of users ‘ day-to-day lives ( Ellison, Steinfield, A ; Lampe, 2007 ; Selwyn, 2007a ) . Some maps and capablenesss of facebook such as enabling equal feedback, goodness of tantrum with societal context, and interaction tools make facebook an educational tool ( Mason, 2006 ) . Learning Manners The impression of larning manners is all about the ways which a scholar prefers to utilize when he/she is larning and retrieving new cognition ( Funda Dag A ; Aynur Gecer, 2009 ) . Furthermore, Simsek ( 2001 ) stated that larning manner is a group of factors which determines how the pupils psychologically perceive, interact and response to larning environments. Harmonizing to Felder ( 1996 ) , every scholar prefers to larn otherwise. Some scholars can larn in an synergistic relationship with their friends and instructors and sing things by themselves, the others learn with a ocular presence of stuffs and information, and some scholars prefer to do usage of written stuffs and they agree that verbal accounts are more helpful to them. Therefore cognizing about the acquisition manners of the scholars is of import either for pedagogues or scholars. It could be utile for instructors because they will acquire a clear thought about how to learn persons with different larning penchants and b esides it would be effectual for scholars to cognize how they learn better and easier. Indeed, there are some popular theoretical accounts to categorise larning manners such as ; David kolb ‘s theoretical account, Honey and mumford ‘s theoretical account, Anthony Gregorc ‘s theoretical account, Sudbury theoretical account of democratic instruction, and Fleming ‘s VAK/VARK theoretical account of larning manners. For the purpose of this survey Fleming ‘s VAK/VARK study was used to research different larning manners of research participants and see how different acquisition manners spend clip in facebook. VARK study tool was created in 1998 to research persons ‘ different acquisition manners. Alkhasawneh, Mrayyan, Docherty, Alashram, Yousef, ( 2007 ) , described ; â€Å" aˆÂ ¦VARK is based upon cognitive development work by Bruner ( 1967 ) and Piaget ( 1990 ) who argued that worlds assimilate environmental cognition through four centripetal modes: ocular, aural, reading and composing, and kinaesthetic ( utilizing tactile centripetal abilities such as a odor and touch ) . VARK is an acronym for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic ( Fleming, 2004 ) . VARK is an instrument that is speedy and easy for pupils to utilize and understand. It creates an consciousness of larning manners and provides motive to seek betterments in their acquisition penchant. † Method Instrument Data is collected by administrating an online and manual study. The study is consists of two subdivisions, the first subdivision leads participants to an on-line VARK questionnaire ( http: // p=quetionnaire ) . Students are required to describe their tonss in an online VARK acquisition manners questionnaire in the manual questionnaire. The 2nd portion of the manual questionnaire consists of two parts. In the first portion, participants were required to reply five demographic inquiries include of their name, age, electronic mail reference, gender, facebook ID. Furthermore, the topographic point where they have normally entree to the Internet, length of clip spent online in facebook, and their rank in any academic group were collected. The 2nd portion, 5-point Likert graduated table with 6 inquiries, was measured participants ‘ clip spent for different activities in facebook. These six inquiries were developed by research worker based on different maps exist in facebook and different activities that a facebook user is able to make. Participants Data was collected from 36 signifier four Malayan Chinese pupils ( 14 Male and22 female ) from SMJK Kwang Hua School in province of Selangor, Kelang. The whole of participants are at the age of 16 old ages old. You read "Integrating Facebook In Teaching And Learning Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" Two pupils of these 36 are non facebook users. The questionnaires were distributed among pupils and they were expected to make full up them at place sing to their entree to the Internet at place to make full up larning manners questionnaire. Date analysis and consequences Learning manners: Learning Manners Ocular Aural Read/Write Kinesthetic Entire Male Female Frequency 8 8 6 14 36 14 22 Table1: Frequency of each learning manner among participants Harmonizing to pupils ‘ studies on their acquisition manners tonss, among 36 signifier 4 pupils, there are 14 kinaesthetic ( 39 % ) , six read/write ( 17 % ) , eight aural ( 22 % ) , and eight visual ( 22 % ) . The consequences validated this statement from Suffolk County Council ( 2002 ) , â€Å" It has been estimated that up to 37 % of the population are kinaesthetic scholars†¦ . † Different acquisition manners and clip spent in facebook Data was collected shows that there are some differences among different larning manners on clip spent in facebook and different activity penchants. The holla tabular array shows Q1: E-P Q2: CHA Q3: Ob Q4: Act Q5: W-V Q6: SHA fb/Internet norm of clip devouring in fb Ocular 1.25 2.25 3.5 2.5 2 1 53 % 8.1 Aural 0.75 2.5 3.75 3.25 2.75 1.5 53.5 % 5.5 Read/Write 0.8 1.6 2.4 2.4 2 2 72 % 6.5 Kinesthetic 0.61 3.38 4 3.38 2.92 1.23 64 % 8.2 Mean 0.85 2.43 3.41 2.88 2.41 1.43 South dakota 0.27 0.73 0.7 0.5 0.48 0.42 Table 2: Average of clip spent for each activity in facebook by different acquisition manners scholars Indeed, this tabular array shows ocular and kinaesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 8.1 A ; 8.2hour/week ) among other scholars in facebook whereas, aural scholars spend the lowest clip in facebook ( 5.5hour/week ) among other scholars. Another consequence which is interesting is that read/write scholars spend about 72 per centum of their clip online in facebook. Chart 1: Different activities in facebook ; Q1: E-P: Educational Purposes Q2: CHA: Chatting Online With Friends Q3: Ob: Reading or Detecting What Others Do Q4: Act: Doing Activities in Facebook Q5: W-V: Watching Videos Q6: SHA: Sharing News and Information about School Harmonizing to the above tabular array and chart ocular, aural, and kinaesthetic scholars spend the highest clip in facebook â€Å" lurking † or reading others ‘ stations while read/write scholars spend an equal clip in facebook lurking and besides to make activities such as composing a position or uploading a image. In fact, pupils with different sorts of tilting manners spend the highest clip in facebook to detect and read whatever their friends do or skulking. On the other manus, pupils with any acquisition manners spend the lowest clip in facebook for educational intents. In fact, ocular scholars spend the highest clip ( 1.25 hour/week ) for educational intents among other larning manners where as kinaesthetic scholars spend the lowest clip ( 0.61 hour/week ) for educational intents. Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 3.38 hours/week ) to chew the fat with their friends while read/write scholars spend the lowest clip ( 1.6 hours/week ) to chew the fat with their friends among other larning manners. Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip ( 4 hours/week ) to detect and read others ‘ activities while read/write learning manner scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2.4 hours/week ) . Kinesthetic scholars spend highest clip to make activities in facebook ( 3.38 hours/week ) while read/write learning manner scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2.4 hours/week ) . Kinesthetic scholars spend the highest clip to watch picture in facebook ( 2.93 hours/week ) , while ocular and read/write scholars spend the lowest clip ( 2 hours/week ) . Read/write scholars manner spend highest clip ( 2 hours/week ) to portion intelligence and information about school and classs while ocular scholars spend the lowest clip ( 1 hour/week ) . Students with read/write larning penchant spend 72 % of their clip online in facebook which it shows although they are non on-line every bit much as others but they spend most of their clip in facebook. Findingss and Discussion This survey aimed to calculate out the sum of clip spent in facebook for pupils with different larning manners and besides to happen out activity penchants of facebook users with different larning manners. Sing to the consequences there are some differences in clip spent in facebook for different acquisition manners. For case, the consequences show that ocular and kinaesthetic scholars claimed more clip spent in facebook so it can be concluded that this environment is more interesting and prosecuting to these types of scholars but it does n’t intend that this environment is non suited for the other types of scholars with different larning manners like aural or read/write scholars. So any type of larning manners can profit from this environment and instructors can do a smart usage of this societal web web site to prosecute pupils in larning procedure and besides to enrich their acquisition. Furthermore, consequences show that each type of larning manners is interested in skulki ng or reading and detecting whatever others do. In this respect, instructors should take into see this sort of pupils ‘ involvement in their instruction schemes and teaching methods. Actually, this is the teacher function to plan, construction, and program in a manner to do the facebook an educational environment. It can be done when a instructor uses facebook in a manner it is and in a manner that it engages pupils to remain in it for a long clip. Teachers should look at the nature of facebook and inquire themselves what has made the facebook popular like this. What is the facebook power that keeps people interested about it? To reply these inquiries some researches should be done. Harmonizing to some surveies that have been done, societal presence and interaction among people could be a ground for this attraction. People enjoy of societal interactivities and showing their sentiments in societal environment. They like to talk out to show themselves and they have wonder to cog nize about others. Many instructors tend to utilize facebook for educational purposes because they know most of pupils are interested in utilizing facebook but they face some challenges in the manner of utilizing it because they want to utilize it in a similar manner that they use any other online tools like wikis, moodle, or educational web sites whereas, facebook has a different nature. Teachers can believe about facebook in a different manner. In a manner to reenforce face to confront schoolroom larning. They should inquire pupils to come to the facebook and portion their perceptual experiences, believes, thoughts, sentiments, and definitions about different constructs and topics to acquire more familiar with each other ‘s perceptual experiences, acquire more thoughts about different educational affairs and open up their heads about different affairs. For case, a mathematics instructor begins learning fractions in schoolroom and so asks pupils to take part in their class fa cebook group and reply the instructor ‘s inquiry. The inquiry could be why do we hold to larn fraction? Why it is of import to larn about fraction and it can be used in our life? To reply these inquiries pupils have to believe, hunt, and explore and so come up with different replies and discuss with their schoolmates about their findings. Right now, the instructor can do certain that they are more interested in larning fraction because they know how of import is the acquisition of this subject and furthermore they will be more curiose to see is their sentiments and thoughts about fraction comes true or non. Actually this survey has some restrictions. First, because the information was collected from merely 36 Chinese race pupils, it could non be generalized. In add-on, it has been limited to a study method. The consequences could be more accurate if there were some qualitative methods of informations aggregation. Decision Social webs, particularly facebook are used by a immense sum of pupils anyplace in the universe. As a consequence, most of instructors are interested in utilizing this societal environment to prosecute pupils in larning procedure. It is important for instructors to cognize whether facebook is suited for all pupils with any type of larning penchants or non. This survey showed that ocular and kinaesthetic scholars spend more clip in facebook but it does n’t intend that the other types of acquisition manners do n’t utilize facebook. Indeed, it depends more on instructors to take the best scheme to suit the demands of any type of larning penchants. Teachers should reply this inquiry ; â€Å" How to prosecute my pupils in an academic facebook group? † or â€Å" what makes the facebook so popular among young person and how to do a usage of this characteristic to prosecute pupils in larning activities? † This survey has been done on a little group of participants ( 36, 16 twelvemonth old pupils ) . Further surveies should be done on more sums of samples. Furthermore, some surveies should be conducted to happen out in which manner educational usage of facebook can be more interesting for scholars. How to cite Integrating Facebook In Teaching And Learning Education Essay, Essay examples

Marketing Retail Management

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Retail Management. Answer: Introduction Logo eye care has recently started its business of retailing optical grade eyewear to the consumers in Singapore. Their mission is to provide high quality eyewear at a economical rate. The main aim of the shop is to create its own identity in the retail market. Current generation is more focused on buying goods online. In such a global competition they are focused on providing a great experience to its customers by continuously focusing on the lower market segment. The retail outlet is established at a very low budget. Most of the resources of the organizations are bought on loan. The shop is allocated at one of the most crowded place in Singapore to attract maximum customers. The policy of the shop is to attract the customers by providing quick service. They are focusing on building a comprehensive system to provide a quick service ( Longenecker. et al.2013). Customers are mostly attracted to the places where they are getting a quick service. Logo eye care is focused on developing g oods at a cheaper rate to attract customers. Initial policy includes discount coupons to the customers to create the brand awareness. There is a lot of competition from the local and the international brand. It is highly recommended that the brand should focus on initial development and stabilization. This will help the brand to grow under the diverse atmosphere. Competitive strategies should be based on the international standards to compete in this advanced scenario. Primary plan includes selling the product through retail outlet. Later the shop has plans to expand its business by channelizing business across the border. They believe in selling fashion accessory rather than a medical devise to sustain the changing environment. Their strategy involves keeping a low price to increase the sale. It involves spreading the brand name through various marketing channels like advertisement in newspaper, local channel, pamphlets etc. Their goal is to provide an easy accessibility and afford ability. It is seen that the market is undeveloped and there is a need to develop initial sales volume. Logos business philosophy is to sell goods in a fun manner. Their vision is to breakaway the traditional concept of medical device. They are focusing on creating itself as a fashionable modern accessory instead of a medical device. Their product will be created in a variety of design and colors to break the conventional approach. It has a plan to go online after seeing the current market scenario ( Paley.2006). The target market includes men and women. It includes individual from different age group. There is a long term growth in the industry under the variable circumstances. The long term plan includes diversifying into other market like watches, sunglasses etc (Stasch.2010) (Lin.2016). The Euromonitor report has mentioned clearly that 40 percent of the Singaporeans are myopic and there will be a constant need of optical shops. CBD is the most crowded area present in all over Singapore. It is the shopping hub for the local and the international customers. The area is surrounded by the Singapore River and Marina Bay which attract maximum amount of crowd. It is the most densely populated area of Singapore with a mix of commercial and residential developments. The area is connected properly through the public transport system. The current strategy is based on sustainable development with the available resources. Men and women are continuously looking for a way to look good. Earlier the glasses considered to be overly brainy. Today, glasses have evolved as a fashion statement for those who need them. As per the recent research there is a growth in interest in using glasses to adjust look. The central business district is a business hub which will open ample of opportuni ties for the entrepreneur. Although the rental cost at CBD is very high but it can be recovered easily by developing a serious business strategies. Firstly the entrepreneur should try to find a rental accommodation at an area outside CBD. It is recommended to include a partner to stimulate the investment. Rent at CBD is very high which will create a burden on the entrepreneur. There is a need to make systematic arrangements regarding the initial investments which are required at a first year. Strategic investments are essential to receive the maximum profits in an initial year. Location choice depends upon the total number of customers travelling in the particular area. It will help the entrepreneur to retrieve the maximum benefit. CBD provides ample of opportunity to the entrepreneurs to open various business units. Location is a most important factor which affects initial set up of a retail store. Poor location decisions are fatal for a business. Small entrepreneurs are spending a large amount of sum to choose a best site for their business. Limited resources are one of the factors which affect the location choice. The choice of the location depends upon the number of pediatrician and vehicles travel through that area. High visibility and availability of nearest target market is essential to set up a business. However the location choice is more expensive than the initial capital investment. The large amount of investment is made on choosing the best location. CBD is one of the over expensive area. Cost of leasing a shop is higher than the entire capital of the business. Small ventures cannot afford an expensive location. Hence it is recommended to keep a list of secondary sites whose rental is lower than the CBD. Secondary location will help in resolving the purpose of the entrepreneur. He can save the initial investments made in the business. A new business has sufficient capital. They have limited resources to pull off the investments from the market. The sale of a business depends upon the resources which are held by the entrepreneur. It is recommended to make a systematic arrangement of investments as it largely affects the future of the business. Most of the people do not trust unknown brands. It is recommended to strive on the brand value in the initial year to procure maximum benefit. The entrepreneur must try to find out a place with least competition. He should conduct a market research to find the trends. Studying the market location will help the entrepreneur to grow without any boundaries (Bragg Bragg.2005). Entrepreneur should avoid the places which are already acquired by the multinational brands. They should try to avoid such a situation which can pose threat. Customers are mostly inclined towards the brands rather than a new product. Customers rarely switch to other brand. It is recommended to study the co nsumer behavior of the local market. Market penetration is essential in the recent year to enter into the market. The seller should use those techniques which would help in establishing him in the initial year. Consumers are more aware about the products. They strive for a product which are available at a low cost and serve every utility (Hougaard.2006). Sellers are using various techniques to attract customers. They are providing a very quick service so that the customers do not get a chance to switch to other brand. Personal circumstance affects the choice of the location. In case of small business the entrepreneur chooses a location near to his whereabouts. The main purpose behind choosing a nearby location is an approximate availability. Small business organization should focus choosing a considerably a cheap place which serve all the purpose in an organization. New business strategy focuses on the opportunities which are available to meet the requirements in a business. The ent repreneur should not overlook the responsibilities which are mandatory to be fulfilled. A business plan focuses on the opportunities while choosing the business. The eye wear market is already occupied with the international business organizations. They are meeting the entire requirement which a small business organization cannot meet. International eye care organizations are established on high standards ( Kyle.2008). They are easily focusing on the entire market place through their strategy. Every organization is trying to diversify its project as per the requirements of the current market. Small optical shops are facing a harsh competition by the presence of the international eye care brands. Making an eye care devices at a small place is convenient for the customers rather than big showrooms. An old optical company Nanyang Optical is renewing their old business plan to compete with the international brands ( Laulajainen, Stafford .2013). International brand are providing quick services which is posing a threat on the existing business organizations. Under such a competitive atmosphere, it is recommended to renew the existing policies to achieve the desired growth. New business organizations should focus on establishing high standards to hold the interest of the customers. The only way to achieve customer attention is through customer satisfaction and feedback. Customers are mostly attractive towards places where they get product at a cheaper rate and very easily. The entrepreneur must focus on services which help in achievement of target. Location related decisions are essential for the long term benefit of an organization. Hence he should utilize his resources carefully before taking any future investment decision. All the decision must be taken only after thorough study of the local market to avoid future discrepancy ( Aswathappa.2005). Pricing policy plays a key role in managing a business plan. An entrepreneur should plan all his business keeping in mind the pricing decision. The fate of the small business depends upon the profit margin. Business owners should ensure profitability by paying close attention to the pricing policies. They should try to focus on the lower profit margin at an initial stage to grab the attention of maximum consumers. Pricing policies should be established on the basis of the competitors. It is very difficult for a business to focus on the pricing policies. The companies with the lowest price win the business mode. The entrepreneur has to analyze the current market condition by studying the consumer behavior. However lower price doesnt provides a strong position to the small entrepreneur (Smith.2011). Large competitor has a potential to destroy the small traders as they have lower operational cost. Entrepreneur must see the current market by examining the competitors. He should focus on the whole package rather than the price of the product. They should focus on providing a value added services to reduce the competition. The entrepreneur should focus on keeping a competitive price by checking the ceiling price. The seller should take an advice through the surveys to study the market behavior (Schindler.2011). The small seller should keep a price lesser than the existing competitors in the market. He should keep a price equivalent to the current market price of the product. There is already high level of competition which is causing a threat to the small businessman. Under such a condition it is recommended to keep the completive prices. Value added services help the seller to distinguish its market price from the existing competitors. Under such a competitive atmosphere a seller should focus on encouraging a strong pricing technique to seek the attention of the customers. Future strategies may include branding of the product as large number of customers is attracted towards the brand name (Mills.2002). The seller should encourage after sale services which will help in providing an added advantage. Exclusivity is an important feature a seller should encourage to meet the requirements of the customers. Hazel eye care is a small business enterprise which is posing a threat to the existing bu siness provider. The pricing policies should be more competitive. They should involve all the requite pints which a new business enterprise requires. It should focus on developing a competitive atmosphere by keeping the competitive price as per the surrounding business (Volm.2002). Customer interaction is very essential for a business to meet the required business goals. Customers feedback is important for a business to grow. In case of small business it is essential to take care of their preferences while meeting the desired goals. In a highly completive atmosphere it is recommended to work in coordination with the customers while meeting the required goal. Interaction with customers helps in meeting the desired goal. This help in building a better understanding with the customers (Sullivan Adcock.2002). Promotional mix is related to the decision of sales of products and services. The important decision related to the promotion depends upon the size of the business. It is essential to choose a relevant business model to develop healthy relations with the customers. There are various tools which help in promoting business. These are generally adopted by the firms to carry the promotional activities. A seller ma chooses combination of tools to meet the needs of the business. Advertising is the most convenient form of promotion. Here logo eye care can choose a paid advertisement technique to promote the basic idea of the business to the consumers ( Mullin Cummins.2008). It is an impersonal form of method where the seller tells the consumer about the basic information related to the product. He has an option to promote his product through the local distribution channel. Newspaper advertisement is an easier and convenient way to propagate the idea of the business. An attractive advertise ment tries to pull attention of the customers by directly appealing to the target customer. Media has a direct effect on the mind of the customer. Promotional technique helps in spreading the idea of the business in an easy manner. There are fewer resources with the entrepreneur. It is recommended to invest minimum resources on the advertisement. Customer feedbacks are important than the advertisement at an initial stage. He should rather focus his resources on limited places. Diversifying resources at various places are harmful for the business ( Lamb,Hair McDaniel.2010). Another technique is sales promotion. It is an attractive technique to attain customer attention. This help in increasing an immediate sale. Discount at an initial level helps in attracting maximum customers. This is one of the most common techniques used by the entrepreneur to raise the overall sale. Logo eye care should use both the tools very efficiently to procure the maximum result within the stipulated time (Solomon.2009). Customers are mostly attracted towards the goods where they get a huge discount. Logo should build comprehensive promotional mix strategies to retrieve the maximum result. He should keep a lower advertisement cost which would not put the burden on the price of the goods. The promotional strategies should be cost efficient. There should be a minimum investment in the promotional technique. The seller in the given situation has minimum resources. He should strive on using the resources efficiently to retrieve the desired result. The prime focus of t he business at an initial level is sustainable growth. It is recommended that he should try to build the brand name considering the threats in the market. Online promotion is a new technique which is used to attract a large number of customers. Customers are more inclined towards the online reviews given by the various customers. References Aswathappa,A.2005. International Business. Tata McGraw-Hill Education Bragg,A. Bragg,M.2005. Developing New Business Ideas: A Step-by-step Guide to Creating New Business Ideas worth Backing. Pearson Education Hougaard,S.2006. The Business Idea: The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship. Springer Science Business Media Kyle,T.2008. Small Business Ideas: 400 Latest Greatest Small Business Ideas. Terry Kyle Lamb,C., Hair,J. McDaniel,C.2010. MKTG 2010. Cengage Learning Laulajainen,R. Stafford .2013. Corporate Geography: Business Location Principles and Cases. Springer Science Business Media Lin,M.2016.Online. New vision for optical shops to stay competitive .Retrieved from: Accessed on18 October 2016 Longenecker,J. et al.2013. Small Business Management. Cengage Learning Mahadevan B.2015. Operations Management: Theory and Practice. Pearson Education Mills,G.2002. Retail Pricing Strategies and Market Power. Melbourne Univ. Publishing Mullin,R. Cummins,J.2008. Sales Promotion. Kogan Page Publishers Paley,N.2006. The Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies. Thorogood Publishing Schindler,R.2011. Pricing Strategies: A Marketing Approach. SAGE Publications Smith,T.2011. Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts and Establishing Price Structures. Cengage Learning Solomon.2009. Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time. Flat World Knowledge Stasch,S.2010. Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Small New Business. ABC-CLIO Sullivan,M. Adcock,D.2002. Retail Marketing. Cengage Learning EMEA Volm,J.2002. Global Pricing Strategies. Theoretical Concepts and Practical Experience. GRIN Verlag